The 10 Worst Passenger Stories as Heard from Uber or Lyft Drivers

There are a lot of well-known perks to being a rideshare driver—flexibility. The chance to work for yourself and set your own hours. The opportunity to make money without the need for any formal training or technical expertise.

And here’s one that isn’t mentioned nearly often enough: the stories. You don’t have to be a rideshare driver for very long at all before you begin to encounter some, ah, rather colorful passengers. And while their antics may not always be funny in the moment, they can make for some compelling tales to share at parties and family gatherings. (What’s the old saying? You gotta laugh to keep from crying?)

In that spirit, here are 10 stories we’ve heard from Uber and Lyft drivers, all of them about some truly horrifying and/or just weird passenger behavior—though, in hindsight, maybe there are some chuckles to be found here, as well.

Great escapes?

As a rideshare driver, you’ve got to assume you may be driving a few folks to places they probably shouldn’t be—like, guys who blew off work to go to the bar or to the casino. According to one driver, he was transporting a passenger to the local pub when they were trailed by the man’s wife, none too happy that her husband was skipping out on a family gathering! Something like a high-speed pursuit followed before the couple eventually, ah, worked out their differences.

Ridesharing for dummies

Believe it or not, the member of one Lyft forum told us someone once paid him to cart around a mannequin for the better part of the morning. No explanation was ever given, but hey—it was a pretty easy revenue.

Stupid pet tricks

A lot of Uber and Lyft drivers have stories about messy animals in their cars. The craziest one we heard: The mama goat who gave birth on the backseat. Here’s hoping a tarp was handy.


Costumes are also par for the course, especially if you’re driving somewhere near Comic Con or a related event. Our favorite story is the classic one of the knight—in full armor, including sword and shield—using ye olde Uber app to summon his ride.

Emergency rescue

We actually heard from one rideshare driver who was hailed to give a lift to a couple of firefighters—in full equipment, mind you—who needed help getting to the scene of a nearby fire. There, they were able to meet up with their fire engine and the rest of the crew. No word on how it is they came to be stranded without their fire truck.

Runaway bride (and groom)

Here’s kind of a sad one: One driver was commissioned to take a man and women to the county courthouse, where they planned to sign a marriage license. In the 10 minutes it took to get to the courthouse, they’d gotten into a fight so dramatic they decided to call the whole thing off.

Sibling rivalry

Another driver picked up two brothers, who somehow or another landed themselves in a fist fight in the back of the car. The driver pulled over and asked them to get out right away, but wasn’t quick enough to prevent a bloody nose.

Getaway driver

We’ve heard a few stories about Uber and Lyft drivers being hailed to help robbers flee the scene of a crime—usually getting there right as the cops do, and thankfully avoiding a great deal of headache and hassle.

Hospital runs

 Stories of Uber drivers taking couples to the hospital for the birth of their baby are really heartwarming. Stories of Uber drivers taking people to the hospital with foreign objects lodged in their, uh, nether-regions are a little bit less so. Regardless, there are plenty to go around.

Too drunk to think straight

We could make an entire list of drunken passenger tales, but the one we like best is the guy who gets into the car and is too drunk to remember where his home is—only to finally realize he’d been home all along.

As a rideshare driver, you’ll have passengers like these. It’s just part of the experience. Hopefully, you can find the humor, while avoiding any situations that are truly scary or dangerous. If you need advice on handling stuff like this, online rideshare driver forums are always good places to look.

What’s your ridiculous UBER passenger story? Please for the delight of your fellow UBER drivers.. do share.

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