The Very BEST Communities Every Uber or Lyft Driver Should Be a Part Of

Driving for Uber or Lyft is solitary work. It doesn’t always feel that way, of course, because you’ve always got passengers coming and going. At the end of the day, though, any connections you make to other Uber or Lyft drivers—any sense of community you experience—you’re going to have to proactively make it happen.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to do that, specifically online. By joining an online rideshare driving community, you can learn tricks of the trade from other drivers; commiserate; sharpen your skillsets; and even gain understanding about some good places in your local community to pick up fares.

It’s very much worth your time to check in with some of these online communities. In this post, we’ll offer links to a few of our favorites.

Join These Uber and Lyft Communities


Looking for advice? Want to swap stories? Have a particular question about pay, ratings, or other technical aspects of Uber? This is the place to go for the real info; best of all, it’s an intuitive layout where it’s incredibly easy to get involved.


Another great forum where you can find practical insights and tips. Spend some time here and you’re bound to learn something useful.

Uber Lyft Chat

No matter which ridesharing company you drive for, there’s plenty of actionable insight to be gleaned from this robust online forum.

Uber/Lyft Driver 101

Why sign up for a whole new kind of community when you already have Facebook? This group is an active and lively center for you to discuss all things Uber-related. Don’t hesitate to pop over to ask your questions about the ridesharing life!

The Uber Facebook Page

The company’s own, official Facebook community can very often be a good place to get into about the latest happenings in the ridesharing world.

Lyft Drivers

Likewise, the Facebook page for Lyft drivers is well worth checking out if that’s your ridesharing platform of choice.

Uber Drivers Subreddit

You can tap into all kinds of odd and specific communities at Reddit—and though it can be a little bit intimidating to join in the fray, there is literally no limit to the amount of useful Uber info you’ll find here.

Become Part of a Community

You may join one of these online communities to become better at what you do—or you may simply want to share some interesting and funny stories with people who will really understand. No matter your rationale, these online communities can be really rewarding, and all of them have different quirks and vibes. We recommend scouting out a few of them, and then determining which ones best fit your personality. Above all, just remember: The life of a solitary rideshare driver doesn’t have to be that solitary.

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