Bellhops Moving Job Program Review

Nobody enjoys moving. It’s hard work, from packing to loading to putting everything back in place—and not only is it physically taxing, but it’s mentally daunting. It’s little wonder moving companies exist, as they can make things considerably easier. But of course, moving companies are also pretty expensive—too expensive for some families. Now, there’s an alternative—called Bellhops—that focuses on high-quality, low-cost moving services. Not only does this provide a meaningful service to those who are relocating, but it offers some a potential gig for those who don’t mind working up a sweat before collecting their paycheck.

Is Bellhops a good option for you? Read our complete overview and we’ll help you figure it out.

How Bellhops Works

The first thing we should note about working for Bellhops is that the business model involves tapping into an often-overlooked labor demographic—specifically, college students. If you don’t fall into that group, you can pretty much stop looking into work at Bellhops.

For those students who do work for Bellhops, the gig is relatively simple—moving things. Here it is worth noting that Bellhops focuses on what it calls “micro moves”—so, not elaborate cross-country affairs. Indeed, Bellhops does not provide things like trucks or storage facilities, so a lot of the people who hire Bellhops are simply moving down the street, or perhaps need help toting furniture as they clean out their basement or rearrange their garage.

Bellhops is very similar to other gig economy roles—ranging from Uber to GrubHub—in the sense that everything is arranged via app. The people who need movers log into the app to share the details of their move; if you’re a mover in the area, you can log into the app to see what the new opportunities are, and accept or decline them as you wish. Note that each move requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

Working as a Bellhop

There are some significant perks to working for Bellhops, of course, including the flexibility—you can work pretty much any time you want to, accepting or declining jobs at your leisure. You also get to work with your friends, as most moves will require multiple Bellhops. And, the app makes it easy to clock in or out, to maintain a profile, and to monitor your earnings.

Another upside to working as a Bellhop is that there is virtually no work requirement. You do have to submit an application and a quick video interview, and it’s mandatory that you are able to lift a minimum of 75 pounds. You’ll also need to agree to a background check, and from there you’ll be trained and insured. Those who are approved to work for Bellhops are independent contractors, so you really do get to be your own boss. Plus, you can work throughout the year, in any city where there is a Bellhops program—a number that’s growing all the time. This is significant because it means college students can keep working for Bellhops, both when they are at school and when they go home for summer or holiday breaks.

And what about pay? The average hourly rate for a Bellhop is around $13 to $15. Bellhops are also permitted to accept tips, but of course, tips are not guaranteed. Payment for each move is made via a direct deposit, roughly one week after the move itself. Also worth mentioning: You can get referral bonuses for getting your friends on board with the Bellhops program.

Is Bellhops Worth It?

As for our final recommendation for Bellhops, we have a few caveats to get out of the way first. Remember that this is just for college students. Also note that this program isn’t quite well-known enough that it’s going to generate a ton of opportunities for you; you’ll stay busy enough, and make decent pay, but you’re not going to earn anything like a full-time check.

With that said, Bellhops is flexible work that only requires a smiling face and a little bit of muscle—and if you’re just looking to defray some of the costs of student living, it’s not a bad opportunity. The fact that you don’t have to register a vehicle, as with Uber and Lyft, is another perk.

It may be something that’s worth checking out—just so long as you have the proper expectations about it.

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