GrubHUB Food Delivery Gig Program Review

The gigsharing economy allows for plenty of opportunities to improve your bottom line—and often, you don’t need anything in the way of technical training to access these opportunities. Typically, a car and a smartphone are all you need. Uber and Lyft are maybe the two best-known examples, and they work in essentially the same way—allowing you to transport passengers from one place to another. GrubHub is a variation on that theme. You’re still working, essentially, as a driver, but you’re more of a courier than a chauffeur, picking up takeout orders from local restaurants and delivering them to the people who ordered them.

When you’re a GrubHub driver, the whole process is pretty seamless and straightforward. All orders are prepaid, so you don’t have to worry about putting in orders. All you do is pick up and deliver the goods—period.

In addition to this streamlined process—which distinguishes GrubHub from similar opportunities, lie Doordash and Postmates—what else makes GrubHub advantageous? And are there any drawbacks? We’ll cover all of this in our brief overview.

Basic Details About Driving for GrubHub

Here are the fast facts you’ll want to know about becoming a GrubHub driver:

  • Payments are weekly.
  • The pay itself is a base fee, plus distance and tips. GrubHub advertises that drivers can make $20 an hour, which may hold true on weekends; during the week, you’ll probably make a little less. The base rate depends on the market you’re in.
  • As far as scheduling, you’ll need to use an app to schedule yourself to work—an added step that some gigsharing jobs don’t include.

Advantages of Driving for GrubHub

There are a number of perks here. Besides having to schedule yourself, the entire process is extremely simple. And even the self-scheduling has its up sides, as you really can set your own hours, within reason. (Obviously you need to be working when participating restaurants are open.)

As for pay, you can definitely make a solid rate on weekends. And there are plenty of orders to handle in GrubHub markets. In fact, GrubHub boasts more orders than any other platform of its kind.

YouTuber ‘The Thrifty Man’ offers his experience on what it’s like to be a delivery driver for GrubHUb.

Disadvantages of Driving for GrubHub

The ease and accessibility of GrubHub are nice, but sadly, they’re not really available to all drivers; GrubHub is only available in a handful of markets, mostly major cities, though the GrubHub network is expanding all the time.

Also note that the advertised rate– $20 an hour—probably won’t hold true on weekdays, unless you’re a really good driver in one of the very best markets. What this means is that, for a lot of drivers, GrubHub won’t quite be enough to earn the kind of money you might hope for.

The solution we’d offer is pairing GrubHub with other gigs. It’s certainly possible to work for different companies at once, maximizing your opportunities. The obvious ones are Lyft and Uber. You can drive for them during certain hours and pick up GrubHub orders during other times. Of course, it may take some trial and error to determine which hours are best for each service, especially since GrubHub will require you to schedule your shift in advance.

GrubHub delivery driver pro Simple Eric provides his pros and cons as well as whether or not he suggests delivering full-time.

Starting the Process

If you do want to pursue GrubHub, the place to begin is at their website. Here, you can apply by filling out a quick questionnaire. You’ll need just three pieces of information to get the application ball rolling—your driver’s license number, your bank account information, and your auto insurance information. (Note that you can also use your bike to make GrubHub deliveries; if that’s the route you take, you’ll still need to furnish some sort of official state ID.)

If working as a courier is something you’re interested in—whether as a full-time gig or to augment Uber money—we recommend GrubHub over the other meal delivery services of its kind. It’s an incredibly easy program to get involved with, and the money is decent. It’s not a perfect option, but it’s one of the better gigs out there—assuming you’re in a GrubHub market, of course.

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