Postmates On-Demand Delivery Gig Program Review

The gig economy offers a number of ways to make money simply by driving your car around, acting as a chauffeur, delivery person, or courier. Some of these gigs are well known—like Uber—and others fly under the radar. The thing is, the under the radar gigs can sometimes be the most appealing, offering the best balance of income and flexibility.

Such is the case with Postmates, a gig that isn’t often heralded in the same elite company as Uber and Lyft, but may be just the thing for those seeking to generate a few extra bucks. In fact, you might even choose Postmates as a way to augment your existing Uber income. In this overview, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about driving for Postmates.

Postmates: The Basics

If you’ve never heard of it before, Postmates is essentially a logistics company, enabling delivery of peer-to-peer items, most often food deliveries. Couriers are used as the go-betweens, getting items from one location to another—but more on that in a minute. From a consumer standpoint, Postmates is nice because it allows you to order food and have it delivered even from restaurants that don’t normally deliver—anything from Wendy’s to a fine dining restaurant. Postmates acts as the intermediary, picking up your order and bringing it straight to your door. (You can think of it as something pretty comparable to GrubHub and UberEats, in other words.)

Driving for Postmates

When you become a driver for Postmates, of course, you are basically signing on to be the courier. You work as an independent contractor, picking up and delivering takeout orders in your market. There may be a few non-food deliveries to be made, as well. Just like with other gig sharing roles, such as Uber, you’ll have an app where you can see deliveries that need to be made, and accept the ones you want to handle yourself. Postmates drivers are paid a flat fee, but can also accept tips.

Check out Heather Ramirez’s fun video on a day in the life as a Postmates courier in Long Beach, California.

The Perks of Driving for Postmates

There are a few distinct advantages to driving for Postmates, which can make up for the fact that the on-average pay is usually a little less than with Uber—though this can vary market to market. One thing is that there isn’t as much face-to-face customer interaction involved; if you’re a bit more introverted and don’t want to have to offer water and breath mints to passenger after passenger, Postmates can be more solitary and more palatable.

Postmates has some other selling points, as well. One is that you don’t have to register a vehicle and drive it every day, as with Uber—so if you want to take your car one day but make deliveries by foot or by bike the next day, that’s totally valid.

Finally, Postmates actually has an offer for daily pay, once you get past your first week or so on the job—so if a more regular paycheck is what you’re after, Postmates is truly one of the best options available.

How Much Will Postmates Pay?

But let’s come back to the money. How much can you expect to make with Postmates? The answer, as with most ridesharing gigs, is that it just depends. The consensus is that a Postmates driver can make anywhere from $8 to $20 hourly—a big window, admittedly, but different markets are going to vary considerably.

The formula works out like this: There’s a base rate, plus flat rates per mile and per minute. On top of that, you have the opportunity to make some tips. Just as Uber has its peak drive times, Postmates offers “blitz pricing,” where the pay is 1.5x the normal rate.

To know how much you can expect to make in your particular market, we’d really recommend connecting with another Postmates driver in your area. For now, we also suggest watching Postmates pro Jermaine Ellison’s video on on how compensation works for immediate insight.

Becoming a Postmates Driver

If you do want to drive for Postmates, visit their website and see if there are openings in your market. Note that you’ll be required to attend an on-boarding session, which can actually be a great way to get specific questions answered—and anyway, it shouldn’t last more than an hour of your time.

Also consider, as you look into driving for Postmates, that the best way to make it profitable may be to pair it with other opportunities—whether that means Uber, VidoTek, or something else altogether. Think about how Postmates might be a good way to supplement current gigs.

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