UberEATS Food Delivery Gig Program Review

The gigging economy has opened up many new avenues for consumers. For example, say dinner time is approaching, you’re too tired to cook, but you also don’t want to go out. Meanwhile, the old pizza delivery standby just doesn’t sound appetizing. Now, there are ways for you to order takeout from your favorite restaurants and have those orders delivered straight to your door. GrubHub and DoorDash are two most the most popular meal delivery services, but don’t forget about UberEATS, which is part of the Uber family. (Consumers can access it from a standalone app or from within the Uber app itself.)

UberEATS Is advantageous not only for diners, but also for drivers, who can sign up to take part in the delivery service. In this post, we’ll outline the program and provide some information you may find useful as you decide whether or not to become an UberEATS driver.

Two Forms of UberEATS

The basic role of the driver is pretty straightforward. After a diner in your area places an order, you’re notified to go pick it up in your car, then deliver it to the customer’s home or apartment. With that said, it’s important to note that there are actually a couple of different programs under the UberEATS umbrella (availability may vary from market to market, of course).

Originally, UberEATS provided its Instant Delivery service, which allows consumers to choose from just a few pre-selected menu items. Drivers pick up orders from a distribution center, place them in warm bags, and drive them to the consumer.

Now, UberEATS also offers full restaurant delivery from select locations, meaning consumers can order anything they want from the menu. Drivers pick up the meals from the restaurants, then deliver them. The basic program is the same; there is just added complexity from having multiple pickup sites.

What It’s Like to Be an UberEATS Driver

With both options, the experience for the driver is pretty consistent. You will need to schedule your shift a week or so in advance. You’ll receive food requests through the Uber app, just like if you were a straight Uber driver. The actual picking up is self-explanatory. As for delivery, some markets offer curbside delivery—meaning the customer comes to you, and you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle. In other markets, you’ll be requested to do walk-in drop-offs, meaning you’ll go to the customer’s door. Some customers may text you and ask you to meet them somewhere outside their home, too.

But what about pay? Generally, drivers make about $3 per delivery from the Uber Instant Delivery service, with a minimum of $10-$20 hourly. With full restaurant service, the pay per order may be a bit more. There is no in-app tipping but, just like with regular Uber, you can accept unsolicited tips from your customers.

See exactly what it is like in the day of a life as an UberEATS delivery driver in this video from Cotton at RideShare Tips.

Is UberEATS Right for You?

For anyone looking for a gig that doesn’t require any technical training, UberEATS might be a good option. In some ways, it’s actually superior to driving for regular Uber; for instance, you can sign up for UberEATS when you’re just 19, while Uber wants 21-year-olds and up. The restrictions on your vehicle age are also a bit more lenient in this program.

With that said, we have to offer a few caveats. What all of them boil down to is, you’re probably not going to get rich doing this. UberEATS doesn’t bring in as many orders as platforms like GrubHub, so the opportunities are fairly limited. Meanwhile, Postmates and DoorDash both offer in-app tipping, which UberEATS doesn’t—making them potentially more lucrative gigs. It is for this reason that YouTuber Kevin of The Apptrepreneur argues why you should NOT deliver for UberEats. Regardless of this negative attribute, we still recommend you give the delivery program a try.

UberEATS and Something Else

For the most part, we’d consider UberEATS to be a good choice to augment other gigs—not as a primary gig unto itself. Though you cannot accept UberX and UberEATS orders at the same time, you might try combining UberEATS and LYFT to get the kind of revenues you’re seeking. VidoTek, which can largely be done during the day and apart from meal times, is also a great way to compliment your UberEATS income.

It isn’t a bad program by any stretch—but there are other, similar gigs that earn a higher recommendation. By all means look into UberEATS, but be aware that it’s not the most lucrative gig, and that you may need to supplement it to really improve your bottom line.

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