VidoTek Damage Inspection Program

What happens in the immediate aftermath of an auto collision? Usually, the drivers involved will file a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company must then make a determination of how much it’s going to cost to have the vehicle repaired. It’s important for this determination to be made as quickly as possible, getting the driver back on the road sooner rather than later. In pursuit of both speed and accuracy, most insurers enlist the support of materials damage appraisers. That may sound like a fancy or technical title, but actually, it could be something you do to improve your bottom line—with no technical training required.

That’s basically what the VidoTek program offers. The program is seeking drivers from all over the country, so whether you’re looking to augment your Uber money or make your first foray into the on-demand economy, VidoTek is something you’ll want to consider.

What You’ll Do for VidoTek

As a VidoTek driver, you’ll be the eyes of the materials damage appraisers, who all work from a centralized headquarters. When there is an accident that happens in your neck of the woods and you’re assigned to perform the inspection, you simply make an appointment with the insured and dispatch to their vehicle location at an agreed time. This is easy to do, and all you’ll need—besides a car—is the VidoTek app installed on your phone. It will guide you through the video process, and make it easy for you to collect the needed information and then send it back to home base. From there, an assessment will be made regarding the extent of the damage—but by this point, your work is done. The entire process of making a video can potentially take just a few short minutes.

Whether you’re looking to augment your Uber money or make your first foray into the on-demand economy, VidoTek is something you’ll want to consider.

How Much Does VidoTek Compensate Drivers?

One of the perks of becoming a VidoTek driver is that the compensation is generally quite easy to figure out—there’s a flat rate of $25 for each assessment you do. In the event that you have to drive a long way from home—defined by VidoTek’s program as 20 miles from your home base—then you’re also compensated a bit for the additional mileage.

That’s a solid rate for what’s ultimately just a few short minutes of work, though there are some downsides as well. As with Uber, there’s no direct compensation for things like car insurance, vehicle taxes, the general upkeep of your car, the depreciation of its value—the little costs that accumulate as you drive around completing assessments. So that’s something to figure into your calculations: The rate is good, but there are also a few small detractions from your bottom line.

Becoming a VidoTek Driver

Again, though there is certainly a technical aspect to the materials damage assessment profession, no special training or technical background is needed to become a VidoTek driver. In fact, the only things you need are a vehicle and a smart phone, which we’re guessing you have, plus a simple yardstick. (You’ll use this just to measure the height of the damaged vehicle.) You can even split these gigs with the ones you get from Uber or Lyft, which is what a lot of VidoTek drivers do—picking up assessment cases between passengers.

The low level of entry for becoming a VidoTek driver includes a basic criminal background check, and that’s pretty much it. Completion of the background check usually takes 48-72 hours. The app you’ll use guides you through the entire process, so there’s really not even much of a learning curve.

Once you’re on board, you’ll receive email notifications of new assignments in your market—and you’ll have the option to either Accept or Decline each. Just note that if you accept a gig, you have to complete it within 48 business hours.

Final Thoughts: Driving for VidoTek

As for a final recommendation, we don’t foresee many people making VidoTek their full-time employment; assignments simply aren’t going to be plentiful enough in most markets. As a way to augment your other gigs, though, this is extraordinarily easy and accessible—and it also happens to pay a pretty solid flat rate. On top of that, the VidoTek people you’ll work with on the back end are very agreeable to answering questions and comments as they arise. You’ll definitely find plenty of guidance through the process.

It’s recommended, then—and as the network grows, don’t be surprised if the opportunities here become even better.

Join the VidoTek Damage Inspection Program

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